5 Amazing Superfoods

I’m sure you’ve heard the word “superfood” all over town, and seen it plastered on items in the grocery store. But what is a “superfood”? I’m glad you asked! It’s nothing more than a term used to describe a food that is ultra nutrient dense. Below are 5 of my favourites that I use regularly in my house. I’ll tell you how I incorporate them into my meals and snacks to kick the nutrient profile up a notch!

  1. Raw Cacao Nibs
    • These little brown nibs are loaded with magnesium. They are actually one of the highest food sources of magnesium – an essential mineral we could all probably use more of. They may also act as an aphrodisiac. I like to add cacao nibs to my coconut yogurt for a chocolatey, low caffeine crunch. They can also be added on top of a smoothie or used for baking in place of chocolate chips. My favourite brand of raw cacao nibs is Giddy Yoyo (not sponsored or affiliated).
  2. Nutritional Yeast high in B vitamins.
    • The first time I saw nutritional yeast, I thought it was fish food and was hesitant to try it. But, I gave it a chance and quickly became obsessed. It has a nutty, cheesy flavour to it. It’s not really like anything I’ve ever tasted before. Nutritional yeast, or “nooch” for short, is one of the best food sources of vitamin B12 – making it a great addition to a vegan or vegetarian diet! I like to add it to savoury foods, like on my scrambled eggs, mixed into soups, on top of pasta in place of parmesan cheese, or sprinkled on a rice cake on top of hummus. My favourite brand of nutritional yeast is Bragg (not sponsored or affiliated).
  3. Chia seeds
    • Don’t underestimate these tiny warriors – they are small and mighty. Chia seeds are an awesome source of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and fibre. They are a great way to help keep your digestive tract moving. I often make chia seed pudding, I mix them into yogurt, or I add 1tbsp of chia seeds to my smoothie. I actually don’t have a favourite brand of chia seeds. I’ve been happy with several brands. I just look for ones that are organic ones and non-GMO.
  4. Bee Pollen
    • This superfood is the newest addition to my pantry of the bunch. Bee pollen is a great source of protein and B vitamins. I like to eat them with breakfast to help give me a boost of energy to start my day. They taste great mixed into yogurt with berries, on top of toast with nut butter, or simply sprinkled on to fresh fruit. My favourite brand of bee pollen is Beekeepers Naturals (not sponsored or affiliated).
  5. Hemp Hearts
    • I find hemp hearts to be the most versatile superfood from this group. They pair well with sweet and savoury foods. I use them in a variety of ways. I add them into smoothies, mix them into soups and yogurt, sprinkle them on salads or eggs, or add them to fresh fruit. Hemp hearts are high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They are also an awesome source of non-animal protein, as well as manganese and magnesium. My favourite brand of hemp hearts are Manitoba Harvest (brand ambassador).

There are tons of amazing, nutrient dense foods out there, AKA “superfoods.” What are your favourite superfoods? Tell me below!

Starting from the top going clockwise – nutritional yeast, chia seeds, bee pollen, hemp hearts, cacao nibs.

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